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Bonnie – Tweed Headband

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Ruffle style tweed headband.

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Tweed Headband

Headband has become an It-accessory and are a popular choice among women around the world. So If you’re looking to make a statement and stand out, this is it. Keep your hair simple or in a elegant hair updo, wear it with your favourite band t-shirt or cocktail dress ! This ruffle style tweed headband will give you a fabulous statement look. Handmade with fabulous Scottish wool tweed fabric.


Made to order.
Ships out 4-7 working days.

Handmade in Norway 
By Jana Royale Design

Worldwide Shipping


De høye, ekstra store hårbøylen har tatt av i mote verden. 
Hårbøylen er tilbake i motebildet som aldri før, og vi elsker at vi enkelt kan oppdatere antrekket på 1-2-3!

“Bonnie”  Hårbøylen i tweed med rysjer er håndlaget i Norge og piffer opp frisyren til både hverdags og fest.

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