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Swarovski Hair Pins


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Gold hair pins handmade with  Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia crystals.

Pink set: one hair pin with light rose Swarovski and one with light pink, pink opal, ab crystal and pearls.
Opal set: one hair pin with white opal Swarovski and one with sapphire blue, ab crystal, opal and pearls.
Green set: One hair pin with golden shadow Swarovski and one pin with gold and olive green cubic zirconia crystals.

All crystals is hand wrapped with wire and can pull some hair, open your hair pin and slide out slowly to avoid hair pulling. 
Not recommend for small kids.

7cm long.

Ships out 3-5 working day.

Made in Norway
Jana Royale Design 

Worldwide shipping.

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Green, Opal, Pink