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Pink Butterflies – Swarovski Hair Clips


Hair clips made with vintage Swarovski butterflies.


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Gold hair clips / hair barrettes hand wrapped with unique vintage Swarovski butterfly cup chain with pink and red crystals.

Because of the wire that holds crystals in place this hair barrette will also hold your hair without sliding out.
Too avoid hair pulling open your hair clip using both of your hands and slide it out.

How to wear your barrette?

This large hair clips is very easy to use. On the side, back under the hair bun or my favourite…on the top. Pull small section of your hair in the front make one twist ( for more volume) and slide your hair clips. They are also perfect for “bad hair day-bangs” when your bang just won’t listen to you, pull it back, twist and snap with the hair clip! you’ll look effortlessly put together — even if you haven’t washed your hair in days. (Video under)

Don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories and break traditional style rules. Need more inspiration for your first or maybe next order? Check out my beautiful ladies around the world! 

Set of two, 8cm long.

Ships out 3-5 working day.

Made in Norway
Jana Royale Design 

Worldwide shipping.

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