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Blossoms – Bridal Hairpins


Silk wedding flowers, hair pins for modern romantic bride.



Custom bridal hair pins.

Silk hair flowers. Each flower is cut and shaped individually using professional millinery tools and techniques.
Finished with freshwater pearls and crystals.

Can be made with :
 White, Creme or Pink silk fabric.
Wire color:
 Gold, Silver Rose gold
 Crystal clear, opal, pink.

Just like your dress, your wedding hair accessories should be reflective of yourself and your personal style and therefore, should be your choice alone. If you find yourself lost amidst the delectable array of hair accessories available out there, fret not! Im here to help you find your “perfect match” for your hair!  

Custom Order

Just contact me here or send me a quick DM on Instagram. 

All bridal haeadpiece´s is made to order and  will ship out in 5-10 days. Each headpiece are handmade and no two will be identical.


The price above is the starting price for one bridal hair pin.

Handmade by

Jana Royale Design


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