Bridal Hair Accessories

Brude hår inspirasjon til den store dagen


Uansett om din stil er elegant, glamorøs, moderne, klassisk eller romantisk, vi har brude hårpynt som vil få deg til å stråle. 
Velg mellom hårspenner med silke blomster og krystaller, diadem i moderne stil eller klassisk netting slør som går aldri ut av moten.
Håndlaget i Norge.


Need some wedding hair inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ideas on what hair accessories you might want for your wedding hairstyle. All hair accessories is made in Norway by Jana Royale Design / Worldwide shipping.

Birdcage Veil


Birdcage veil

Are you looking for something a little bit different? Perhaps the chic – vintage look or just something different from the traditional veil? Birdcage veil will always be a stylish bridal headpiece and it`s perfect for all types of hair styles.

The veil: French or English?
Difference between English netting and French netting? French netting tends to be slightly softer with smaller diamonds. 
English netting is generally slightly stiffer with larger diamonds.

 Ivory/natural white of course but if your wedding dress is black or pink most of my bridal headpieces can be customised with other colors, my personal favourite is vintage pink.

Embellishments: Birdcage veil can be designed with so many variations! To start with… tiny pearls and crystals is perfect with birdcage veil… not too many or too big. Swarovski pearls and crystals is my favourite to use. Then would you like it to be more modern? Maybe with turban knot headband or romantic with silk flowers? Vintage style ? With lace and pearls? If you choose birdcage veil with full size headbands the veil will be attached to the hair comb under the headband so you can easily take it on and off and maybe use your headband later for other occasions.

From one side covering half of your face with volume at the side. perfect with decorations like place and flowers.  Or full cover, can be worn alone or with headbands like turban knot, braid, etc…

Short hair:
If you have short hair or extra fine hair, consider a birdcage veil that has been sewn directly onto a headband for a secure fit not and hair comb.

Need help to find your perfect bridal birdcage veil, please contact me:)  email or  quick DM on instagram.
 All hairpieces can be customized.

Xoxo Jana / Instagram @janaroyaledesign