Bridal hair accessories

You have all your arrangements done for your big day. The wedding dress has been selected, the banquet menu finalized and all guests have been sent an invite to. Every nitty-gritty has been taken care of and yet you find something missing. Makeup, hair stylist, dress, shoes, what else? The perfect hair accessories! Hair accessories too complete your bridal look in a way nothing else can. You can inevitably rely on your hair stylists’ choice for an accessory appropriate for your hair volume. However, like with everything else, who would better understand your choices more than you? Just like your dress, your bridal hair accessories should be reflective of yourself and your personal style and therefore, should be your choice alone. If you find yourself lost amidst the delectable array of hair accessories available out there, fret not! Im here to help you find your “perfect match” for your hair! Choose between floral hair pieces made with silk flowers or cold porcelain blossoms, vintage style hats, draped veils, birdcage veils or a elegant fascinator headband.

Each of these hairpieces carries a unique variation that suits all types of sensibilities-whether, vintage or modern. 

Need help to find your perfect bridal hairpiece, please contact me here or send me a quick DM on instagram. All hairpieces can be customized.

Handmade in Norway / Worldwide shipping